There’s a very simple formula to follow for a stylish summer: warmer = cooler. The warmer the weather, the cooler the colors your outfit should be. Avoid black!  Black attracts heat, and who wants to step out into 90 degree weather wearing such a dark color? There are many ways to wear lighter, more pastel colors this summer without looking like you just came out of a rainbow. Here are a couple of color choices to experiment with:

Pink: This color deserves a place in every modern man’s wardrobe. There are so many great shades of pink to incorporate into your outfit. Pink will go with almost anything.


Yellow: This could be the most difficult color to get right. The vibrancy of this color scares most people, even though it’s just more of a reason to test it out. The best way to go would be to try a mustard or darker yellow. Your skin tone is very important when wearing this color. The lighter your skin tone, the more washed out you will look, so be careful when choosing not to go to light.