With summer still hanging around, one should continue to embrace the trends that come along with it. Prints and patterns have made a strong statement in menswear and it’s not going away anytime soon. If you’re just wanting to test the waters, start off with a subtle and simple pattern, but if you want to add more of a pop, try a statement piece instead of a whole outfit. Whether that piece is a floral print blazer or a glen plaid trouser, wear it with confidence and you will certainly garner attention – Just make sure it’s the “good” kind of attention, not “damn, that guy looks like an idiot” kind of attention. Tailored Fit = Good Attention. For those of you brave enough to go the extra mile and go “full patterned outfit,” make sure to add some simplicity to it by wearing styled, but plain accessories like white sneakers, a solid shirt, a simple pocket square or watch, etc.  Then, per usual, wear with confidence and crush it.