From hi-tops to low-tops, sneakers are the one trend that continues to evolve. In recent years, sneakers have upped their game to become a luxury style habit. As much as I believe the sneaker trend has played itself out a bit, there is still a time and a place to wear a cool sneaker to stand out and not look like you are late to the game. There has been a cultural shift in people’s beliefs towards acceptable casual attire and luxury designers have played a large role in this. Fashion houses like Lanvin, Dior, Gucci, and so many others have all taken part in creating their own sneaker, especially one that can be worn traditionally to highlight an outfit and/or you can pair with a suit or slacks. So, this fall season, don’t be hesitant to “step out” in some sweet-ass (designer) sneakers. Just make sure you invest in the right pair so they can be worn  in various ways.  No need to keep a sneaker locked up in your closet because it only goes with a specific outfit.  Check out these kicks for some inspiration…


Christian Louboutin


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