The time is now to bare those legs, so why not do it in style? There are several types of shorts and casual bottoms with multiple outfit combinations. Make sure you wear a cool sneaker, slip-on or boat shoe to complete the look.  I also encourage wearing the “invisible/no show” sock not only to enhance your look, but to also not ruin the inside of your shoes nor stink them up.

Anything fitted or tailored will always make you look your best. Shorts can be casual or formal looking depending on how you choose to style them. For a more casual look, choose a short with a pattern or a solid/cool color other than neutrals. For a more formal look, pair a neutral colored short with a simple tee, button-up shirt, cotton sweater, and/or a blazer (One that offsets the shorts. I am not a fan of the “Shorts Suit” look).

IMG_0546 white-crew-neck-sweater-grey-crew-neck-t-shirt-grey-shorts-white-low-top-sneakers-original-10403