Thanksgiving is just one week away, and chances are, you’re probably already thinking of what to wear for the night’s festivities… or not. In keeping with our general philosophy that it never hurts to dress a bit more dapper than required, here is some quick advice for being the standout family member this Thanksgiving.

– Unless you’re going to Thanksgiving dinner at the White House, you don’t need to dress so formal.  The night’s attire should be (smart) casual; whether it be a cool pair of jeans and a blazer or a slim pant and sweater, just give your outfit that extra edge to stand out from the rest.

-If you’re having Thanksgiving dinner at your own home, do not use this as an excuse to pull out your NFL team’s jersey and dirty sneakers.  Always take pride in what you’re wearing, especially if you’re the host.

-Spice up your look with a festive or detailed look.  Nothing wrong with wearing an orange cashmere sweater or a patterned sweater to celebrate the turkey holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!