Travel is an essential part of my business between International Fashion Weeks and clients getting ready for upcoming seasons, special events, holidays, etc., it’s always a jet-set packed schedule. Everyone knows I love a well-tailored semi-formal look, but sometimes (particularly if you’re crossing the Atlantic twice in the same week) you want to be comfortable. Contrary to the common perception, that doesn’t mean looking like a lazy teenager stepping off the jetway in oversized sweats.


Start with a versatile, breathable top like the new Compact Fleece Hoodie from James Perse. For pants, you want something that will stretch comfortably, as you make your adjustments in your seat — the Surge Pant from Lululemon has been a go-to for me. A relaxed, but tapered fit that you can sleep in without losing your look walking through Heathrow.


Finally, as it’s been said, your body, but particularly your feet expand in flight, so be prepared with a stylish pair of socks and a comfortable option for your feet. Between carrying luggage, going through security, and the nicks and bangs our gear takes through the travel process, you’ll need something malleable and easy to take off and put back on throughout your journey. I love the Adidas Tubular Shadow sneaker for long trips. The mesh design allows for some give, and it has good shock absorption for all the walking. Safe travels, see you in the sky ✌🏼✈️