When I was asked to be on the TODAY show, I was not only flattered, but also proud.  I grew up watching TODAY and to this day, I continue to do so…every morning.  I’ve always said to myself, “I am going to be on TODAY one day.”  After a couple of conversations with the producers, I was delighted to collaborate on the idea to help find Tyler Thomas’ personal style and brand. 
Tyler, from San Diego, CA, whose wife nominated him to be styled, didn’t know what to expect, but he embraced the process.  As you can see in the video, we evaluated his current wardrobe, put together a game-plan and styled him at Suit Supply, a great place for stylish looks at accessible prices. Like my other clients, Tyler wanted to reap the benefits of living with style.  The boost of confidence and the idea of increased financial and business network growth which help motivate men look their best, no matter the occasion, made Tyler feel invested in himself, his family and in his business. 
On September 29, 2016, we checked in at Rockefeller Center, Studio 1A, and as the cameras rolled, I realized that Tyler’s story was resonating with a massive audience because Tyler wasn’t a typical client of The Weitz Effect (celebrity, high level executive or media mogul). With a little help, guidance and education, Tyler was able to carry himself like a CEO.  Tyler was beaming beside his family in front of millions of people because he knew how great he looked and felt, in a life changing way (as did his wife, Heidi).
The TODAY show experience was a great success both professionally and personally, but especially rewarding watching Tyler’s transformation. Being able to share my passion on the same set I grew up watching was a real testament to how far you can take your message if you really believe in what you’re doing.  Keep pushing forward with your passions and if you believe, others will believe.  Style.  Confidence.  Success.